Learn how to incorporate this new health rage into all your kid's favorite meals! From Guava grilled cheese to quesadillas, we've got you covered!

Make every kids snack time delicious and healthy with our guava jam, marmalade, and paste! With endless possibilities, your kids will be healthy and happy!

Simple and delicious!
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Hawaiian Pizza Sandwich

In a skillet, heat a teaspoon of butter over a medium-low heat, then place your preferred bread with the slice of cheese, open-faced - and cook until the bread is golden and the cheese is melted. At the same time, in the same skillet, toast the other slice of bread on one side, until golden. To assemble the sandwich, spread a teaspoon (or more as desired) of Guava Gourmet Jam on the plain bread slice and then place the melted cheese side on top. Now that’s the ultimate delicious (and healthy) kiddie comfort food sandwich!

Chicken Salad “Tacos”

This is an idea I actually borrowed from when my kids were in school. I used to make chicken salad from left over dinner chicken, or of course you can buy a pre-roasted chicken or chicken chunks and make a chicken salad with celery (for crunch), and a little mayo, and then add either some small chunks of Guava Gourmet  Paste, or mix in some Guava Gourmet Marmalade - either one works. Optionally you can also add some slivered almonds.

Then for the taco part, take a large lettuce leaf and spoon a large dollup of chicken salad in the middle. Roll up tightly and fasten with toothpicks. Wrap in foil and pack in their lunch. Alternatively you can of course put the chicken salad on bread too.

This was definitely a favorite in my house.

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